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Selecting Data Source and Company as menu options

There are a couple of scenarios where a NAV implementation might have multiple data sources and multiple companies – A multinational  or conglomerate with different databases for different countries or businesses A major NAV implementation which may have a number of UAT databases and companies each looking at different aspects of the pre-live testing Whilst […]

NAV User Sessions when designing/refreshing reports

There has often been confusion over the years about Jet Express, Essentials or Professional consuming a Dynamics NAV licence user session whenever a Jet Report is either designed or refreshed.  Many users have simply not been made aware of this fact and so are surprised when they get an error message that there are insufficient […]

Jet Reports opens UK office

Long overdue!  Jet Reports now has a full-time presence in the UK, based in London.  Jet Reports UK Ltd has appointed Paul Hollcraft as Managing Director and he is currently recruiting to build a business development team around him.   Paul is very familiar with the Jet Reports scene in the UK and Ireland, having […]

Options first!

This is probably an addition to the Best Practices blog, but when designing the Options sheet for your report please remember to drag the Options tab to the front of your workbook.  Options needs to be the first sheet in your report.  Failure to do so can slow up a perfectly good report or even […]

Some useful Excel Shortcuts

One of our sources of amusement or mild frustration during our Starter Training course is when we explain the functionality of the Jet Reports “Fit” command and then ask trainees to type the command on Row 1 of the worksheet and then to copy it across on Row 1 above all their report column headers……  If one […]

Brexit: Pricing & Margins

One of the joys of working at Measure Metrics is that we get to work with some very smart CEO’s, CFO’s and their senior management teams. Almost without exception their most vexatious problem in 2H16 has been pricing and margins – how to best set the new prices and how to make sure that the […]

Jet Reports announces new Virtual Demonstration Environment

This week Jet Reports presented their new virtual environment for demonstrating all their reporting solutions including the newest feature in Jet Professional 2017, the Web Portal.  Specifically for use by UK Partners this virtual laboratory has been specifically created to showcase the latest Jet Reports capabilities – using Jet Professional or Jet Enterprise running against […]

Two great training comments

Our thanks to Ainsley Callaghan at Working Links for his feedback comments on our recent Jet Professional training – “Good, thorough delivery. Easy to follow and take in.” “Pleasantly surprised by the intuitive nature of the product (Jet Professional) which made the training material easy to follow. Course finished within expected timeframe, leaving time for queries at […]