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Jet Essentials to be rebranded as Jet Professional

Those working on (what was) the Jet Essentials 2016 Beta program will be aware that with its impending final release, Jet Reports will be rebranding the product as Jet Professional 2016. At Measure Metrics we really welcome this change of name – with so many ‘Essentials’ brands in the market place today implying ‘basic’ or ‘lo-cost’, especially amongst […]

The benefits of Enhanced Assistance

Good, properly run and well-documented training courses are worth their weight in gold – but what happens when the trainer leaves?  Very often the trainee, fully fired-up and enthusiastic during the course, can find him or herself suddenly feeling very alone when trying to replicate some of the simplest tasks.  The boss assumes the trainee is […]

Working with Independent NAV Consultants

Increasingly companies are retaining their own independent NAV consultants to work alongside their management team and to act as the primary go-between at a technical/application level between the company and its NAV partner.  Very often these consultants will become the project manager on the company side reporting directly to the Board.  These are highly demanding roles […]