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User training

Measure Metrics uses Jet Global certified trainers to meet you all your training requirements. Each trainee will be provided with their own workbooks and set training and learning reinforcement exercises.

User TrainingWe believe that training is not just a 1 or 3-day event; it’s an ongoing process. Measure Metrics training for Jet Global reporting solutions will help you achieve the long term goals of providing better information to make informed business decisions.

At Measure Metrics we offer delivery methods to match your learning preferences. When it comes to learning, one size does not fit all. Choose between live web-based learning or on-site classroom training or consultancy/mentoring days.

Rentokill Logo“Measure Metrics modernised our reporting at Rentokil Initial plc. Not only did they undertake all our finance training but they also developed our first set of key strategic reports for our UK, Ireland and plc Groups – first with Jet Express before upgrading us to Jet Essentials then Jet Professional. We are currently using Measure Metrics to implement (remotely) and train (via a series of webinars) our finance teams in Asia – China, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Hong Kong, South Korea and Indonesia. On Measure Metric’s recommendation we are now upgrading our UK Accounts Payable functionality to Jet Enterprise. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Trisha Haughey – Finance Development Director, Rentokil Initial plc.


Jet Basics
JetBas01: Beginners Fast Start – Using the G/L Function, Table Builder, pivot tables & charts. Using Excel’s Slicers functionality to make simple interactive management dashboards (1 day)
Jet Reports
JetRep01: Beginners Fast Start – using the G/L Function, NL & NF Functions, Table Builder, pivot tables & charts. Sorting, grouping and subtotalling of data and building simple dashboards (2 days)
JetRep02: Intermediate – Multi-database, multi-company & multi-table reporting. Advanced filtering and using arrays (1 day)
JetRep03: Advanced/Mentoring – working alongside key Jet Designers to assist them in developing required reporting or analysis (1 day)
JetRep10: This is Jet Reports own classroom 3-day course and materials (as delivered in the US). This takes a more in-depth look at reporting and helps trainees to understand more of the foundational concepts relating to database reporting. Topics include Foundational Concepts, Pre-Development, Basic and Advanced reporting (3 days)
Jet Analytics
JetAna01: Dashboard Building – techniques for building hi-impact interactive dashboards in Excel using data from the Jet Data Cubes and Jet Data Manager. Understanding pivot tables and pivot charts and using Slicers functionality for maximum effect. (1 day)


Jet Basics
JetBasW01: Beginners Fast Start – Using the G/L function and Table Builder for financial reporting and analysis (3 hours)
JetBasW02: Beginners Fast Start – Using Table Builder and Excel functionality to make simple interactive management dashboards (3 hours)
Jet Reports
JetRepW01: Beginners Fast Start – Using G/L Function and NL Functions to build all financial reports – from TB to full Cost/Profit Centre analysis (3 hours)
JetRepW02: Beginners Fast Start – Using NL & NF Functions to build dynamic functional reports. Introducing sorting, grouping & subtotalling (3 hours)
JetRepW03: Jet Express Conversion – Introducing the new functionality in Jet Professional. Using NL & NF Functions along with the Browser to build dynamic functional reports. Introducing sorting, grouping & subtotalling (3 hours)
JetRepW04: Professional  Intermediates – Building multi-table reports with grouping and subtotalling (3 hours)

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