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Classroom training

Classroom TrainingMeasure Metrics is a certified Jet Global Data Technologies partner and a trusted supplier of online training to suit any learner’s style.

In addition to our online training options we offer on-site classroom based training in Jet Reports.

Why not bring all of your nominated Jet Reports designers and stakeholders together for our on-site classroom based training to get a full understanding of the basic first steps and to realise the enormous potential of what can be achieved?

The skill set for sound Jet Reports design has often been outlined as –

  • 40% knowledge of the tables and fields of the database
  • 40% knowledge of Microsoft Excel’s capabilities
  • 20% clear understanding of the information required, the filters, grouping & subtotalling

We can help you fill any of these knowledge gaps for your Jet  team and enable them to get the best out of your data.

Contact Measure Metrics today for pricing, scheduling, needs assessment or any other questions you may have.

image_logo“The training was excellent; very Bateman’s centric with all subjects covered. Jon was very structured but very willing to tailor his approach in line with our requirements and questions.”
John Woodward, Managing Director, George Bateman & Son