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Run in Background functionality in Jet Reports 2019

Improve your personal productivity with this useful functionality

The Run in Background functionality was first released with Jet Professional 2018 R2 but seems to have caught more reaction since it was released as part of the (newly re-named) Jet Reports 2019.  This component of the Jet Excel add-in gives the user (designer or viewer) the ability to run reports on their local computer and still continue to use Excel. Furthermore it is possible to run reports directly from Windows Explorer on the desktop, without loading Excel at all.

For those of you who, like me have sat there in front of the screen watching and waiting for the report window to finish, this functionality is a boon. Gone are the days of watching paint dry or making yet another cup of coffee to pass the time…..  Jet can be doing its work – and we can be getting on with some other tasks on our pc/laptop.

Details of the functionality can be found  – here

The frustrating thing is remembering to use the functionality……

Quick tip!  Expand the Jet Ribbon Bar so the new functionality is clearly visible.


<<  This is the default ribbon bar, and Run in Background is not an immediate option. Rather you have to click on <<Run>> and then the option becomes available.

Ideally – you need to expand the ribbon bar…..



To get the expanded ribbon bar go to Settings > App Settings > Jet Ribbon

In the Report section click Expanded MenuRun from Cache and Run in Background

And while you’re there go down to the Tools Section and click on Expanded Menu, NL, NF, NP and GL



<< This is the result – the expanded ribbon bar!




Much easier to remember – and much easier to use!

We hope this helps.  If you have any questions or feedback please do not hesitate to contact us.

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