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Jet Professional 2018 Released

A new, clean contemporary look for this feature-rich new release...

Jet Professional 2018 has been released – and with it comes a nice new clean and contemporary look!

The new fresh look is immediately obvious when opening the Jet Ribbon Bar; outdated features have been removed and new ones added.








All icons have been updated to make them easier to find and use.  Wizard Windows have also had the update treatment.  In fact the only Windows not updated (sadly) are the Table Builder and Browser windows which have remained unchanged.


Regular users of Jet Professional will note that there is a new icon on the Ribbon Bar – fast Financials.  This new feature – for Dynamics NAV users only – provides a fast and easy way to create financial reports; we will be writing more about this exciting new feature in the blog.


Not only does the look and feel of the Jet Professional Ribbon Bar look cleaner and fresher for the 2018 release but there is now much more end-user control over the icons presented.  As an example – if the end user runs only G/L reports then they can make the G/L icon the only icon available in the Jet Function Wizard (Jfx).  Designers and major users of Jet Professional will undoubtedly want to see all the Jfx buttons – and this they can do by using the expanded Jet Ribbon section of the newly named App Settings (previously Application Settings).


The Jet Help menu has also been updated – and simplified – to reflect the consolidation of the Jet Reports Support, Help, Knowledgebase and Community web sites.  All these can now be accessed through the single Help Center icon.


The main functional changes in Jet Professional 2018 are however reserved for the Jet Portal which continues to build on its feature-rich capabilities.

  • Easier logins with domain/server name or email
  • Right-Click menus
  • Slicker report scheduling
  • Options to open reports either by download to pc/laptop or by opening Excel Online
  • Automatic timeout from portal if not used for 20 minutes
  • New dashboard mode
  • Can now use NL(Picture) and NL(Slicer) in portal reports
  • Enhanced Excel function handling


For more information on Jet Professional 2018 please download What’s New in Jet Professional 2018


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