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Support, Chargeable & Enhanced Assistance

From a Partner perspective what is support and what is chargeable has always been a very difficult area....

There is a very fine line between what is a support question versus what is a consulting question.  From a Jet perspective some of the topics that are considered to be technical support issues would include:

  • Questions about software compatibility and hardware requirements.
  • Issues regarding Jet Report installation and configuration.
  • Jet Report error messages.
  • Jet Functions returning #VALUE errors.

Questions regarding report design are usually considered to be chargeable. These are outside the scope of technical support as they are not related to the technical software issues, but rather related to training and consulting.   Some topics that are considered to be chargeable include:

  • Questions on how to design a report.
  • Questions about where to find data.
  • Questions about Excel functionality.

At Measure Metrics, where clients have taken part on one of our training courses we provide a limited amount of “Enhanced Assistance” on a free-of-charge basis.  This is important as new designers are on a steep learning curve and need time (and encouragement and reassurance) to build up their new skill set.

Outside of the immediate training arena clients can block-book and prepay for a set number of hours of “Enhanced Assistance”, ensuring higher priority for their calls and enabling us to provide a strong mentoring capability – helping end-user designers with the design, development and building of their own reports.

For more information about “Enhanced Assistance” either on a Pay-as-you-Go or on a Subscription basis, please contact us by clicking here.


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