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Quick Tip – Use a snippet instead!

You should always know how to Date & Time Stamp a report (see above) but there is an easier way – use a snippet!

Snippets are small, reusable report parts that can be shared between Jet Essentials and Enterprise users. Jet Reports themselves provide a ‘starter’ file which can be found on their Community Forum or you can download it from here.  For the accountants among you there is a Starter Snippet in the download – you should try it!

Snippet Screenshot 1Typically snippets are located in the My Documents folder – look for the sub-folder Jet Reports Snippets, but if you can’t find them there look in the General section of Application Settings on the Jet Ribbon Bar.

If you wish to put your snippets elsewhere – and some clients store them centrally on a shared drive – then it is easy to map to that location using the Browse button.

But the fun of snippets is in writing your own – and I have a number of personal snippets covering such functionality as the Options tab template, finance report starter snippet, the UK 4-4-5 week VAT headers, standard corporate report headers – and so on.

Snippets can include one or more of – Jet functions, Excel functions, file locations, text, numbers, Excel formattings and named cells/ranges

To use a snippet you simply open the Snippets icon on the Jet Ribbon Bar and then drag it to where you wish to place it on your report. Once released the snippet unfolds – it really is easy!

Snippet Screenshot 2Creating snippets is really easy too – but that is for another post.

You will notice that I have used an X as a preliminary part of the file name.  This is because snippets are stored and listed alphabetically and I like to keep my personal snippets at the bottom.

For now please download the attached .snippet file, save it to your Jet Reports Snippets folder, and then drag it across to wherever it is required on your spreadsheet – with my compliments.

Download Jet Snippets

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