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As you would expect from the name, at Measure Metrics we constantly monitor our own metrics. Of particular interest, because it is measurable, is the feedback we receive from our course trainees in respect of, not only the quality of training delivery, but also of the training materials supplied.

When we looked at our 2014 scores this time last year we were very pleased, but still felt there were areas for improvement.  Now we have our 2015 figures – and we are delighted to be able to say that we have improved on every single one of our training metrics.

Jet Reports Training Sample

In addition to the scores we also give trainees the opportunity to write their own comments on the form –

“Gave the user good confidence to use the product”

“Easy to follow and understand. Very enjoyable :-)”

“Trainer used our own data which was very helpful”

“Great course. Learned lots.”

“Very structured but willing to tailor approach in line with our requirements and questions.”

“I wasn’t sure what to expect but was pleased with the outcome.”

“No improvements needed :-)”

With reference to the last comment, we shall not be sitting back on our laurels in 2016.  As we move into our third year of training, with Jet Essentials 2016 being released sometime soon we will be updating all our training manuals and exercises – not only to show the new Jet Essentials 2016 screenshots and functionality, but to respond to and include many of the ad hoc questions we get asked in every session.

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