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Jet Reports announces Beta Program for Jet Essentials 2016

Jet Reports have announced the new functionality for Jet Essentials 2016, to be released later in the year. Going forward Jet Essentials will include an online interface that will provide an easy-to-manage repository for your reports. Using any web interface and Office 365 Online, users will be allowed to run and view reports directly from their web browser – whether they have Excel and Jet Essentials installed on the pc/laptop, or not.

Jet Essentials 2016 will have a new Publish button on the Jet Ribbon Bar to publish the reports to the Jet Essentials web interface.  Once the report is properly written and ready for sharing, the procedure is to place the report in Design mode and then click – Publish…

News Jet Beta 1Once published the report is then available for viewing in the Jet Essentials Web Interface from where the report can be run.

Once published the report will appear in the online reports list (see below).  Simply select the report and select Run – and an icon will indicate that the report has started and is running. Once complete, the report icon will update.

News Jet Beta 2Once run, the report can be downloaded, in report mode to your computer – from where you can open Excel to view.  Jet Essentials is not required at this point, but if you are a Jet Essentials Designer you can download the report in Design mode so that it can be edited.

One of the most powerful features however of the Jet Essentials Web Interface is that it will allow you to run and view the report in your web browser on your pc, laptop, tablet or smartphone without needing to have Jet Essentials or Excel installed.

Measure Metrics has signed up to be a part of the Jet Reports Beta Program so we hope to keep readers updated as we get to work with this exciting new functionality.

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