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Protect & Encrypt your Jet Reports

Protecting personal and confidential data in your Jet Reports

Now we’re in October those four letters that were on the tips of our tongues back in May – GDPR – seem almost forgotten. But there are a number of reports that we write with Jet Reports that contain detailed personal and financial information; sales commissions perhaps being a case in point, and bonus calculations too, especially when they are based as a percentage of salary.

Beyond that, and the needs of GDPR, there is just good basic security; do we really want our month end P&L being sent over the internet to the FD in his/her yacht in Monaco for (potentially) all to see?

There is no doubt that using Jet Reports we can generate some very confidential and perhaps very commercially sensitive information very quickly and very easily – and it is very easy to send the report on; after all it’s just a Jet Report………

To protect your report is really easy too.

The best way is to require a password to open the workbook; whoever tries to open the workbook must enter the password.  To add a password to a report is very simple –

     > Choose File > Info > Protect Workbook > Encrypt with Password

     > Type a password and click OK

     > Type the password again and click OK

     > Save the workbook


These steps need to be performed only once; the protect workbook box goes yellow and you are not required to specify the password again in subsequent resaves of the report.


When opening the file with a saved password the following dialogue window appears –


At this point, No password; No file!



Finally – to remove the password from the workbook it is necessary to repeat the actions above – but this time delete the existing password symbols from the Encrypt Dialogue box, click OK, then save the workbook.

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Jon Gardner

I should just add that this technique for security is not suitable when using the Jet Scheduler as it does not (yet) have the capability to provide passwords…

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