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Measure Metrics Christmas Quiz

Time for some serious fun! Father Christmas asks the questions...


Like all good institutions Father Christmas uses Microsoft Dynamics NAV to manage all his donations, purchases, stock and deliveries and Jet Professional 2018 to run all his reports.  In the spirit of Christmas and for the benefit of others using his favourite management information and reports software he has agreed to share some of his 2017 questions……….



QUESTION 1: Father Christmas is going to need a rest after doing all his deliveries.  What filter should he use when searching his timesheet report for the value “R&R”?

  1. “*R&R*”
  2. “@@R&R”
  3. “R&R”
  4. “@@&R&R”


QUESTION 2: Father Christmas has a master delivery file and Cell C4 of his Jet Report contains the following function

=NL(“Rows”,”Delivery Master”,”Recipient No.”,”Blocked”,”FALSE”) 

According to best practices what function should go in Cell D4 to retrieve each recipients name?

  1. =NL(“First”,”Recipient Master”,”Recipient No.”,”Name”,C4)
  2. =NL(“Rows”,”Recipient Master”,”Name”,”Recipient No.”,C4)
  3. =NF(C4,”Name”)
  4. =NL(“First”,”Recipient Master”,”Name”,”Recipient No.”,C4)


QUESTION 3: Father Christmas switches his computer off while he’s out doing his deliveries. Will his scheduled reports still run?

  1. Yes
  2. No


QUESTION 4: Father Christmas wishes to share one of his Jet snippets with the reindeers. How does he do it?

  1. Copy the Snippets.xml file from the Jet Reports App Settings folder
  2. Tell the reindeers that they have to “manually” recreate the snippets on their own machines
  3. Copy the .snippet files from the location designated in the App Settings folder
  4. Go to Data Source Settings > File > Export


QUESTION 5: Father Christmas has a #VALUE! error in his present deliveries report. He has identified the  formula creating the error –

=NL(“Columns”,”Present Ledger Entries”,”Present No.”,”Transaction Type”,”Gift”,”Present Type”,F5,”Posting Date”,”24/12/2018..25/12/2018″)

What’s the problem?

  1. There are more than 128 Present No’s that match the criteria
  2. There is no data in December 2018
  3. There are no transactions with the Transaction Type of “Gift”
  4. Cell F5 is blank
  5. Cell F5 contains a filter value with more than 256 characters


QUESTION 6: In all the excitement leading up to Christmas, Father Christmas has forgotten the keywords to be used for the Report Options in his new report – and he’s mislaid the snippet….

What are the correct keywords?

  1. Title, Value, Lookup
  2. Title, Values, Lookup, Option
  3. Titles, values, Lookups
  4. Title, Value, Lookup, Option


QUESTION 7: Father Christmas needs to log a support call. Which screen will tell him the build number of his Jet Professional 2018 installation?

  1. About
  2. App Settings
  3. Data Source Settings
  4. Help > About
  5. Help > Help Center


QUESTION 8: Father Christmas is creating a report that groups recipients by area. According to best practice, which should be the first function he creates?

  1. =NL(“Rows=4″,”Delivery Master”,”Recipient No.”,”Area Code”,$D8,”Delivery Date”,$B$4)
  2. =NL(“Rows=4″,”Delivery Master”,”Area Code”,”Delivery Date”,$B$4)
  3. =NL(“Rows”,”Delivery Master”,”Recipient No.”,”Area Code”,$D8,”Delivery Date”,$B$4)
  4. =NL(“Rows”,”Delivery Master”,”Area Code”,”Delivery Date”,$B$4)


QUESTION 9: Which filter should Father Christmas use to search for any value except “IRL” and “SCO”?

  1. “<>IRL&<>SCO”
  2. “<>IRL&SCO”
  3. “<>IRL|<>SCO”
  4. “<>IRL|SCO”


QUESTION 10: For his deliveries report Father Christmas needs to know which functions will sort the result set, first in ascending order by city, then in descending order by name.

  1. =NL(“Rows”,”Recipient Master”,,”+City”,”-Name”)
  2. =NL(“Rows”,”Recipient Master”,{“+City”,”-Name”})
  3. =NL(“Rows”,”Recipient Master”,,”Country”,”USA”,”+City”,”*”,”-Name”,”*”)
  4. =NL(“Rows”,”Recipient Master”,,”+City”,”*”,”-Name”,”*”)


We hope that you have enjoyed our Christmas quiz – and that the questions have not left you too befuddled!

If you would like to send us your answers we would be delighted to mark them and let you know your score!

Submit your answers via the Contact Us form

Good luck!

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