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The Tale of the Missing Wizards

...or what to do if your Wizard page does not appear on your screen

It sounds very Harry Potter-esque but it does happen that Jet Wizards (NL, NF, GL & NP) can go missing.  They go quietly – the first that any Jet Professional designer knows anything about it is when they click on the NL icon on the Jet Ribbon Bar……and nothing appears to happen.

The only clue is down on the Excel icon at the bottom of the screen; on close inspection an additional Excel window has been opened with the Jfx pop-up.  Click on it and you can see the hiding wizard – but you can’t get it back!

I am indebted to Matt Wilson (Support Manager at Jet Reports) who came up with a wizard resolution to the problem –

  • Open the JFX and ensure that you don’t click on anything afterwards so that it is the focused window. (If you accidentally click on something else then you can hover over the Excel icon and click the grey JFX pop-up).
  • Press ALT+SPACEBAR+M on your keyboard.
  • Hold down the left arrow key for a considerable amount of time and see if the JFX starts to appear.
  • You should also be able to just tap the left arrow key (which should attach the window onto your mouse cursor) and then pull your mouse over to one of your visible displays.
  • Once the JFX is visible, close and re-open it.
  • Close and re-open Excel and then test the JFX again

Thank you Matt – and next time I pass through Kings Cross station and Platform 9¾ I shall remember those missing wizards safe in the knowledge that I know how to get them back!


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