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Some useful Excel Shortcuts

One of our sources of amusement or mild frustration during our Starter Training course is when we explain the functionality of the Jet Reports “Fit” command and then ask trainees to type the command on Row 1 of the worksheet and then to copy it across on Row 1 above all their report column headers……  If one ever needed an example of there being more than one way of doing things in Excel, then this is it!

Method 1:

  • Using the Mouse, Right-Click on the cell with the first instance of “Fit” and select “Copy”. Move Mouse to new cell location (or range), then Right-Click again and select “Paste”

Method 2:

Use shortcuts as follows

  • To copy: Click on cell to copy – then press Ctrl + C
  • To paste: Click on cell (or range of cells) to paste – then press Ctrl + V

Method 3:

  • Using the Mouse or cursor, highlight the cell to copy and then, using the Left-Click on the Mouse (holding it down), drag the little black square at the bottom right corner of the cell outline, across to the cells to be pasted….. Then release the Mouse!

There is no right or wrong here – and in different scenarios different options may be quicker and easier. In the “Fit” scenario outlined above, Method 3 is clearly the quickest followed by Method 2.  Method 1 is the one most often used!  That said, the purpose of this post is to show that you do have options – not just in terms of building Jet Reports, but with Excel as a whole.

If you have any questions with regard to copy functions in Excel or wish to discuss the training courses we provide for users of Jet Express, Jet Professional and Jet Enterprise, please do not hesitate to click here – Contact us

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